With a passion and zeal for the lost and hurting world, our online college exists to train and equip believers in Christ – equipping them to be ambassadors.

The course, originally based in Bath as a weekly syllabus, is now fully available online at no cost to the student. With a rich selection of Biblical teaching from various scholars and teachers – the resources are a key and relevant tool to anyone looking to study the Bible.

The course is free of charge, but any donations are gratefully received to help fund the work of Embassy Bible College as we train and equip the saints.

DVDs of the lectures can be obtained for a small charge plus postage. Please contact us for further informationThe lecture notes are available through the online course and can be downloaded in PDF format.


To teach and equip Christians to be ambassadors for Christ so that they can become strong and bright lights in the world. We believe the Bible is the inspired Word of God (God breathed) and is useful and relevant in all aspects and functions of life. The Word will transform the lives of all who set aside the time to study it.

Embassy Bible College makes no charges for the teaching of the Word.


Our vision is not a theoretical college for intellectuals or academics but one where people get the sort of teaching they need in order to go out and apply to their daily lives. We want to make the riches of the Bible accessible to people who lead busy lives with jobs, families, church involvement etc.  We want to give people a taste for the Word and make them hungry for more. We want to make Bible study interesting and exciting. We believe in the power of the Word. It’s not just theory. The Word works!


The original Bible College was founded by the late Rev. Alex Forbes M.D. in 1979 and ran at St. Jude’s Church, Earls Court, London until 1992. In 2008 the Trustees gathered together a group of Bible teachers and the College was re-launched in Bath in September 2008. The name of the Charity was changed from Embassy Christian Outreach to Embassy Bible College. The charity was officially closed in March 2019 but this website continues. The former trustees wish to ensure that the vision and purpose of the original ministry is kept alive. Much of the teaching is based on material from Alex’s Pastors’ Manual. Alex Forbes passed into glory in April 2015. Alex made a video entitled ‘Gospel to the Poor’ about his work in the Philippines which you can view here.e – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UxSCxYIh5qE

For five years EBC ran a live Bible School one night per week for two hours in Bath, UK. The full course took two years to complete. Exams were taken periodically and over 100 people graduated.”

The College ceased to operate at the end of 2014 however the whole course was filmed and is available to stream from the online page.

The College is run on the principle of Faith and we look to the Lord to provide for our needs. We do gratefully accept donations.