Since this website was launched in October 2016 many things have changed and it’s about time we brought you up to date. The live Bible College that ran in Bath for five years ceased to operate at the end of 2014. We felt it was important to preserve all the great teaching that had made up the two year course and so by then we had captured on video every single lecture thanks to Phillip White of PDT Media.   Phillip is a former trustee of EBC. Our founder, Alex Forbes passed into glory in April 2015 and the previous year one of our beloved teachers, Tony Palmer was killed in a motorbike accident. Then in 2018 two more teachers unexpectedly passed into glory – Cindi Cooper and Kim Freeborn. Praise God that for a Christian, death is not the tragic end; it is simply a passageway into eternal life with God.  Some describe it as a promotion to glory.  These losses just confirmed the need for video recordings and the website.  In March 2019 the three remaining trustees took the decision to close the Charity as we felt it was no longer needed. However, the website remains as both a legacy to those who are no longer with us and an ongoing resource for all who hunger for good Bible teaching.  We thank God for the modern technology that enables us to make it available. DVDs of all the lectures can also be purchased and we hope to soon add audio files of the teachings for those who cannot easily download video or who just prefer to listen. Please do give us your feedback on any aspect of this website. God bless you!


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